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Sabor Artico

Film by Indra Arriaga Delgado, Edited by Alejandro IV Barragan. Latinos have contributed to the cultural, social, and economic development of Alaska for a very long time. Sabor Ártico provides a unique and important opportunity for community members to speak about their experiences in Alaska and how their food and culture is being redefined.

NFMLA (New Filmmakers Los Angeles Festival) showcases films by filmmakers of all backgrounds throughout the year, across general and InFocus programming. Always is an honor to work with my long time chosen sister and great artist Indra Arriaga.  This project faced all the adversities of COVID at the time and some how we were able to make it work. Indra and I met collaborating in the first Day of the dead celebration in Alaska many years ago. Since then we have keep working in different artistic projects through the years.  Last year I included her amazing work on my festival in 2023.  Work with chosen family is never work.

Indra Arriaga delga and Alejandro IV Barragan at the NFMLA 2022