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Tabor Art Walk 2024

Alejandro IV is a multimedia artist based in Portland his most recent project was the first state festival of Day of the Dead in Oregon 2023.
What can you expect to see here: Photography, Print Making, Mix Media works, Sculpture, Video.

Photo Essay
Photography  celebration of the Day of the dead on November 2.  San Andrés Cuexcontitlán Cemetery Mexico State.

Fractal Dualities
Contemporary Series base on the agavaceae plants are deconstructed in monochromatic representations of relationships with their environments.

Eco’s of Transition
Is a poetic essay of a collection of images taken in many different countries. Doors are celebrated in this body of work.

Den of iniquity
The exploration of artificial environments. This process is reflected through the representation of impermanent sculptures of found objects in what was left of a property that belonged to the family.


Día de Muertos Celebration of Life  (Day of Dead November 2) is a traditional Mexican celebration of life to remember and honor the memories and stories of deceased loved ones. In 2022 Alejandro received a generous grant from the Oregon Community Foundation to create a state festival.