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Oregon Muertos

Día de Muertos Celebration of Life  (Day of Dead Celebration Of death) is a traditional Mexican celebration of life to remember and honor the memories and stories of deceased loved ones. In 2022 Alejandro received a grant from the Oregon Community Foundation.

Photo Essays.
Photography  celebration of the Day of the dead on November 2.  San Andrés Cuexcontitlán Cemetery Mexico State.

Contemporary representation of a ofrenda. Include 12 to 16′ Skeletons representing different aspect of the chronological history of the tradition.
1- Mictlan, The Underworld mythology or the ancient Portland OR. Zone Gallery
2- Day of all Saints, Origin of November 2 Portland OR. Zone Gallery
3- Fusion, The Colonial times Portland OR. Zone Gallery
4- The Third Death, Traditional folk story of based on the story of the tradition.  WoodBurn OR
5- Jose Guadalupe Posada, Mayor influence in Latin America artists since 1930’s Portland OR. Zone Gallery
6- Contemporary Day of the Death. Portland OR. Zone Gallery
7- Death and Humor. Portland OR. Zone Gallery
8- Food and Tradition. Photography, Ofrenda and Skeleton Installation Happy Valley OR
9- Mictlan Exhibit -Contemporary art show Portland Stage The Armory. Portland OR.
10-13 Photography Exhibits: Kerns Maude Gallery,  Eugene, Oregon.
11-13 Photography Exhibit: Springfield City Hall, Oregon.
12- Photography Exhibits: Eugene Museum, Eugene, Oregon.
13- Lucha Libre Event and Experimenta film Portland OR.
14- Mobile Gallery, Installation created to visit communities outside of the metropolitan area.
15- Skeleton installation Boring OR, Elementary and middle school
16 – Skeleton installation  SE middle school and Cafe United Downtown Portland
17- Printmaking Exhibit Veritas Wine Bar SE Portland OR.
18- Photography Exhibit Mi Jalisco Taqueria Gresham OR.
19- Tlalocan Installation, Hillsboro OR.
20- Macario Film (Hollywood Theater Portland) Portland OR.
21- Woodburn Museum, Lecture and photography exhibit. Woodburn OR.
22- Skeleton Village, Portland OR. Zone Gallery
23-  Alebrije Sculpture, Portland OR. Zone Gallery
24- Averys Ofrenda, Portland OR. Zone Gallery
25- Photography and Printmaking Exhibit, Portland OR. Zone Gallery
26- Mexican Consulate< Photography and Print making exhibit