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Deconstructing America

By looking closely the creation of human habitat. We can observe a series of symptoms of a larger problem and give us a good inside use and waste of human and natural resources. During 2019 I spend the all Sumner working directly in a construction site close to Vancouver Washington. These are an affordable housing units design for middle and low income bracket population. When a person buys the finish product does they know who build their home? Do they know where the materials came from? How much waste was involved the process? How much this building will last? Working in the construction site allowed me to connect with the different crews that I describe as tribes. Not base on race or nationality but focused on their trade. Each tribe is responsible for the different steps on the development of the construction. Depending on their deadlines the use of materials becomes a factor between waste and best use. In a way their faces become a representation on the materials they use such as wood, concrete, metals, plastics, etc.
This was a medium size construction site that produced two tons of waste a day. From which I estimated at least 25% in some cases 45% if not more were perfectly good materials that could be rescued, reused, recycle, instead of going to the land-field.

The proposal explores three primary aspects of the economic dynamics in United States. The creation and replication of business models. Critic routes or blue prints based in a per-established design. As many business models the production factor with faster turn around is favored over quality sometimes. The second part is the environmental aspect of process. The intense labor that involves create a product or the development of the infrastructure. process that require the delivery of materials in large quantities. The energy invested in these raw resources to sustain the business plan based in a per-established repetitive design. The inevitable large amount of waste that these processes produce. inside in the manufacture process and the people who participate in.