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Day of the Dead Installation

Día de Muertos (Day of Dead) is a Mexican celebration of life to remember deceased loved ones. In 2020 organized by La Malinche PDX, in partnership with Portland Art Museum, PNCA, and Portland Center stage at The Armory, The reimagined the festivities of this very important cultural day for the Latinx community took place at the Portland Armory. Among the folkloric and contemporary art Alejandro IV Barragan offered a installation divided in 3 pieces.  

The bones of my father
(Audio) Environmental recordings of the night of November 2 at the cemetery of  San Andrés Cuexcontitlán. Welcoming the souls of the departed in his way to return to the ” el alla”. Mix with a With a music interpreted with a reproduction of  an wind pre-hispanic instrument.

Photo Essay.
Photography  celebration of the Day of the dead on November 2.  San Andrés Cuexcontitlán Cemetery Mexico State.

Contemporary representation of a ofrenda. Include 12′ Skeleton representing El Catrin, inspired in the works of Guadalupe Posada’s Social commentary from the 19th century. In addition to a Painting, (8’x4′) acrylic on canvas “Las Comadronas”